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“That’s OCD?” Part 2

3 More Types of OCD You Haven’t Heard Of

By Taylor Newendorp, M.A., LCPC

Previously I wrote about 3 OCD subtypes that most people are not familiar with: Harm OCD, Pedophile OCD, and Sexual Orientation OCD. In the interest of continuing to try and break through stereotypes of what OCD is and help people better understand the complex ways in which OCD may manifest itself, here are 3 more types of OCD that most people haven’t heard of:

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“That’s OCD?” Part 1

Types of OCD (that People Don’t Like Talking About)

By Taylor Newendorp, M.A., LCPC

type of ocd - chicago counseling centerThe most common stereotypes of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) are that it is characterized by someone being overly concerned with cleanliness (excessively washing hands, cleaning and disinfecting things, etc.), someone liking things very organized, or someone repeatedly checking things like locks. These can be symptoms of OCD, and are highly distressing and even debilitating for the person suffering from the disorder. There are names for these OCD types: Contamination OCD, Just Right OCD, and Responsibility OCD, respectively and they are relatively common.

However, OCD can manifest itself in an almost countless number of ways, and there are several other sub-types of OCD that are not well-recognized.

This is problematic in that people struggling with one of these types of OCD may not have any idea that they even have the disorder, which may cause even more anxiety for them and prevent them from receiving the proper treatment for it.

It can be challenging for medical and mental health professionals to properly identify these sub-types as OCD, too, which can lead to misdiagnosis and improper treatment as well. So here are some of the lesser-known types of OCD that people don’t like talking about because of the subject matter they involve:


Types of OCD

In this article we will be covering three types of OCD: Harm OCD, Pedophile OCD, and Sexual Orientation OCD. Additional OCD Types are covered in this article (click here).

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