A specific phobia refers to the excessive and persistent fear of specific objects or situations that is understood as out of proportion to any actual danger. The fear causes life-interfering distress and/or impairment. Common types include:

  • Animals (e.g., dogs, cats, spiders, insects, rats, birds, and snakes)
  • Natural Environment and Weather (e.g., heights, storms, natural disasters, and water)
  • Blood-Injection-Injury Type (e.g., seeing blood, receiving a blood test or injection, watching medical procedures)
  • Situational Type (e.g., driving, flying, elevators, and enclosed places)
  • Other Type (e.g., choking or vomiting, loud noises, or fears of costumed characters)
Before seeing Taylor, I was struggling with OCD behavior, compulsive exercise, and learning how to cope with my past in a healthy way. He was very patient, understanding, and non-judgmental, which allowed me to uncover problems that were essentially being pushed aside. I used to get uncomfortable and self-conscious about discussing certain things that happened when I was younger, but the environment that he creates is very welcoming and I felt at ease when memories came to mind. He also asked me…
Anon, Edgebrook, Chicago