At Chicago Counseling Center we offer: Virtual Reality Therapy 

Do you have a fear of flying? What about a fear of driving, public speaking, needles, or heights? Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) can simulate experiences to help you get over your fears.  At Chicago Counseling Center we can help you conquer your fears of the common phobias listed above. VRT is also designed to help with concerns of claustrophobia and social anxiety as well! The VRT system used at this clinic is powered by Psious and it is truly “therapy beyond imagination.”  VRT provides an incredible opportunity for clients to work on their phobias directly, and in the comfort of our office. 

Our trained clinicians provide  support and monitor clients as they work through their virtual reality exposures. By the end of each session, clients can see what kind of progress they are making toward their treatment goals. Check out this video to experience some of the scenes you may encounter when you come in for VRT.

This treatment is getting amazing reviews from both clinicians and clients. Clinicians are noticing improvement in client outcomes. More importantly, clients are reporting that virtual reality therapy has significantly changed their lives. We want to help you manage your fears too! So, please don’t hesitate to contact us and get started!  

“Each scenario is designed, supervised, and tested by psychologists to ensure its functionality and robustness in the context of exposure therapy.”-Psious

Before seeing Taylor, I was struggling with OCD behavior, compulsive exercise, and learning how to cope with my past in a healthy way. He was very patient, understanding, and non-judgmental, which allowed me to uncover problems that were essentially being pushed aside. I used to get uncomfortable and self-conscious about discussing certain things that happened when I was younger, but the environment that he creates is very welcoming and I felt at ease when memories came to mind. He also asked me…
Anon, Edgebrook, Chicago