Are you a new parent? Do you feel like you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing? Join the club.

Regardless of what your own family was like growing up… Regardless of how many parenting classes you’ve taken and how many books you’ve read… Regardless of how much support you have and how much advice (sometimes unsolicited) that you may have received… the transition to parenthood is difficult.

You’re not just trying to figure out why your baby is crying at 3:27 in the morning, or completely happy one second and then fussing or screaming the next, or worrying about anything and everything that may impact your new child in some way, shape, or form–you’re also trying to adapt to a life with much less sleep, with no time for yourself anymore, with increased frustration and conflict with your partner or others in your life, where you always feel behind (and maybe even incompetent) no matter how much you do.

Therapy can help you learn how to cope with such a major transition in your life that inherently comes with infinite unknowns, fears, and concerns, along with all the joy. If you’re seeking counseling for this specific issue, we will make sure that the counselor you get is also a parent–because they’ve been there, too.

Before seeing Taylor, I was struggling with OCD behavior, compulsive exercise, and learning how to cope with my past in a healthy way. He was very patient, understanding, and non-judgmental, which allowed me to uncover problems that were essentially being pushed aside. I used to get uncomfortable and self-conscious about discussing certain things that happened when I was younger, but the environment that he creates is very welcoming and I felt at ease when memories came to mind. He also asked me…
Anon, Edgebrook, Chicago