3 Ways to Increase Mental Wellness

Do these three things to help you start improving mental wellness today!

Abigail Yeomans, LPC

Embrace uncertainty

The more we try to create absolute certainty in our lives, the more we may realize how much uncertainty exists around us. It is a losing battle. Sure, uncertainty is uncomfortable, but is it hmental-health-2019924_640armful? Discomfort will not hurt us and while it is difficult to sit with, there is relieving power in doing so. On the other side of things, rejecting uncertainty can lead to avoidance of people, places, and situations that trigger uncomfortable emotions in our daily lives. That avoidance can then create a shield between you and what you truly value and enjoy in life. It is my advice to embrace uncertainty in order to let go of all things unknown. Letting go of what is unknown to us as opposed to constantly seeking out answers and certainty, will help you start living in the present moment and feel more balanced.

Come back to your values

Many times people begin to feel “off” when their lifestyle is incongruent with their values. Some examples of core values are: family, friends, relationships, spirituality, work, school, and health/ wellness. Every person identifies different value areas as “most” important and usually feels best when able to live accordingly. For example, when we value spending time with people we care about it is important to make time for that as often as possible. Unfortunately, schedules become packed with to-do lists and we can quickly lose sight of what keeps us mentally healthy. Therefore, even if it is difficult to do, make time in your schedule for what helps you increase emotional stability. You won’t regret it!

Prioritize Balance:

BalanceEveryone describes balanced living differently. For some people it is about balanced eating and exercise and for other is it more about how much time is spent doing enjoyable activities versus working. In general, it is most important to consider not only how we spend time but also how we experience that time. For example, it is not necessarily a balanced lifestyle to utilize each minute of the day “doing.” Sometimes, it is most productive to use some time in order to simply “be.” In other words, experiencing what is happening now without judgement or planning for the next step is part of “being.” Try and carve time out of your schedule to practice deep breathing, go for a walk, listen to music and step away from any potential source of work. Even if it is ten minutes per day, being present can shift an entire afternoon.



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