Health anxiety is characterized by excessive worrying and preoccupation with having a serious medical condition. Individuals with health anxiety often misinterpret normal bodily sensations as signs of a severe illness and constantly seek reassurance from medical professionals or engage in excessive health-related behaviors, such as repeatedly checking their body for signs of illness or researching medical conditions online. These measures may provide temporary relief but do not alleviate the underlying anxiety.

Before seeing Taylor, I was struggling with OCD behavior, compulsive exercise, and learning how to cope with my past in a healthy way. He was very patient, understanding, and non-judgmental, which allowed me to uncover problems that were essentially being pushed aside. I used to get uncomfortable and self-conscious about discussing certain things that happened when I was younger, but the environment that he creates is very welcoming and I felt at ease when memories came to mind. He also asked me…
Anon, Edgebrook, Chicago