We Need to Talk About Rape

  – Carolyn Moriarty, LCPC   Rape one of the of the most ubiquitous, prevalent, and invisible issues affecting our society, both currently and historically.  Those who have experienced rape or sexual assault often deal with their crisis silently. This is due in large part to the cultural, social, and psychological barriers that make open discourse about sexual trauma feel stigmatizing … Read More

What is Pregnancy OCD?

   – by Madison Di Silvio   Pregnancy OCD is a subtype of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, that consists of intrusive thoughts and ritualistic behavior in an attempt to reduce the level of distress these thoughts cause. Pregnancy OCD is when the sufferer fears getting pregnant or fears that they are pregnant. Often without having penetrative sex. Pregnancy OCD can also be … Read More

Do’s and Don’ts of Helping Someone With Anxiety

  – Carolyn Moriarty, LCPC   Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time. However, people with anxiety disorders experience excessive and persistent worry about any number of things. Often times, it interferes with their ability to function at work, school and socially. In order to best help someone with an anxiety disorder, is important to understand their experience. Use the steps below as … Read More

Attachment Styles & Adult Relationships

  by Carolyn Moriarty, LCPC   You may have heard the phrase “attachment style” and wondered if it was relevant to you or whether it was just another psychology buzzword being thrown into the vernacular. The concept of attachment styles has actually been around since the mid 20th-century when psychologist John Bowlby developed a psychological framework known as “attachment theory”. Within … Read More

Setting Boundaries in the Workplace

  by Carolyn Moriarty, LCPC   Setting and maintaining boundaries in the workplace can be challenging, as it may involve asserting yourself and potentially encountering resistance from colleagues.  Some people may believe they have good boundaries when in reality they avoid asserting their own wishes and preferences out of fear as being seen as “unkind”. In truth, boundaries are indicative of respect, self-esteem and create … Read More

What is Relationship OCD?

  – Carolyn Moriarty, LCPC   Relationship OCD (ROCD) is among the many subtypes of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Before looking more closely at this particular subtype, let’s do a quick review of OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is characterized by the presence of disturbing thoughts or images (obsessions) that are intrusive and unwanted. The nature of these obsessions are distressing … Read More

The Truth About Forgiveness

– Carolyn Moriarty, LCPC   Forgiveness is an elusive creature. We may find it difficult to give when we have been wronged by others, choosing instead to cling on to painful emotions of anger, resentment and blame. And when we are the transgressor, we yearn for forgiveness to extinguish our guilt, regret and remorse. And yet there are still other times … Read More

Do You Have Unhealthy Boundaries?

by Carolyn Moriarty, LCPC Setting boundaries is an important, but often misunderstood, tool. Some people think boundaries are only needed in extreme scenarios where physical or emotional abuse is occurring. Other people may believe they have good boundaries when in reality they are putting up walls or avoid asserting their own wishes and preferences out of fear as being seen … Read More

Engaging with our Partner’s Emotions

When involved in a committed relationship, naturally there are expectations. Unspoken rules to not violate each other’s trust. To be that foundation of support through thick and thin. When our partners are sad, we want to make them happy. When they are down, it feels dutiful to lift them up. But what happens in the moments when issues cannot be … Read More

Letting Go of Resentment

  In previous blog posts, we talked about the role of forgiveness in alleviating resentment. The main take-away here is that forgiveness can help us to unload emotional weight we’ve been carrying around and achieve peace of mind. The tricky thing is that holding on to resentment and anger came happen so automatically that it can be extremely difficult to … Read More